In the wake of Intersolar 2013, another industry expo is fast approaching—Solar Power International! SPI takes place in Chicago from October 21st to 24th and hosts over 15,000 solar industry professionals from over 75 countries. It's a great opportunity for investors, installers, architects, and policymakers to network, find new opportunities, and learn more about the industry.

Who else SPI is perfect for? Start-ups!

Once upon a time (in 2011, to be exact), the MODsolar Platform was in alpha with two early adopters. At that point, we didn't even know if the solar industry had a need for proposal-generating software integrated with intelligent system design software. That April, we decided to take our product to the first annual PV America East and were lucky enough to score the very last booth. We really didn't know what to expect, but by the end of the two and a half day conference we added several more alpha customers and gained a ton of interest. It gave us the boost of confidence we needed to keep pushing forward and to get MODsolar to the place we're at today.

Industry conferences hold a special place in our hearts because without that experience, we wouldn't be here. That's why our president and founder, Mike Dershowitz, has teamed up with Solar Power International this year to give up-and-coming companies an extra boost.  Start-Up Alley is a new, featured area of the expo floor where start-ups can shine without being, as Mike calls it, "a needle in the proverbial haystack." Investors and experts want to meet start-ups because they're fresh and innovative—so we've given them their very own home at SPI!

For Start-Up Alley's inaugural year, we're adding a little bonus with some friendly competition. 30 early stage semi-finalists and 12 finalists will be chosen from across the United States this year to present at SPI 2013—for absolutely free. All 30 semi-finalists will be given a complimentary booth and promotional materials as well as special guidance to help them find prospective customers. The 12 finalists will be gifted with the rare opportunity to give an on-stage presentation to a distinguished panel of venture capitalists, corporate investors, and business leaders who will crown the Start-Up Alley Winner of 2013.

Whether you're a start-up from the Philadelphia area like us, or if you're trying to get your footing in the Silicon Valley, we want to see what you've got. Applications are open now through August 23rd, 2013. More information, program criteria and eligibility requirements are available at solarpowerinternational.com.

See you on Start-Up Alley! 

See full Start Up Alley Press Release (PDF)

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