Our press release about our multi-office release: MODsolar Platform Multi-office Press Release


In response to overwhelming customer demand, MODsolar has added features specifically for larger companies. Customers still have the fastest proposal generator & system designer in the solar industry, but now enhanced with communication, reporting, and distributed sales-process management." Shortly after we released the MODsolar Platform in June of last year, the demand from larger organizations was evident," said Kevin Ilsen, MODsolar's CTO & VP of Product Development." As the Solar industry in the US has experienced rapid growth in 2011, mid-market solar installers have been one of the fastest growing categories. As such, they're demanding tools that make their management of multiple offices faster and easier. And of course, in the solar industry, that's what MODsolar is all about - giving installers the tools they need to be successful."

The multi-office solution is the only tool in the solar industry designed specifically for distributed sales process management. Features include lead segmentation by office, the reporting & management of leads at the interor intra-office level, and the ability to restrict materials quoted, prices & settings of each individual office. The multi-office solution also allows administrators to "act as-if" one of their offices, to ensure that there is no restriction on information flow within the enterprise. The multi-office solution was also built flexibly, so that varying levels of control are possible, depending on how the organization wants to deploy the solution.

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