Pricing change for a few ModSolar Platform users

July 14, 2014 MODsolar Admin

Nobody likes pricing changes. We know you don’t want to hear that prices are changing, and we don’t make changes lightly. But we think this particular one is beneficial, and most subscribers are not affected by it in any case.  

Starting in June, ModSolar’s subscription pricing was adjusted slightly. We took this step, after careful thought, to make it easier for subscribers who already have three users to add one or more additional users without a significant jump in subscription costs.  Previously, to go from three users to four, a subscriber had to switch from the Pro1 level ($295/month) to the Pro2 level ($495/month), a jump of $200.

Under the new pricing scheme, there is a single Professional level, which incorporates the previous Pro1 and Pro2 levels. The price for up to three users remains at the previous level of $295/month (the same as the old Pro1), and each additional user (beyond three) now costs $70 per month. Enterprise and Basic 10 subscription levels are unchanged. The new pricing has been posted on the Pricing page of our website.

Most ModSolar subscribers are unaffected by the change. A small number of subscribers (all previously at the Pro2 level) saw their subscription cost either rise or fall by a small percentage. If you are among those whose cost rose, you have already received a call from us to discuss the change.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the pricing change. Contact Rosi at or at 610-572-2555, extension 103.

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