MODsolar is proud to announce that we are releasing a new and improved version of the MODsolar Platform.

We have taken your recommendations into consideration and are confident that the new version will improve your interaction and experience within the Platform. Coming soon, you will begin to see an accordion feature labeled "Proposal Settings" in the top right hand corner of the Platform during every step of the proposal process.

What the accordion menu looks like on the lead details page.


This feature gives you access to more proposal details throughout the entire process by presenting them in the accordion style on every page. This allows you to alter and reference data entries more easily, reducing mistakes and eliminating the process of returning to step one to make a simple edit. In addition, you can jump page to page by using the breadcrumb navigation, located on the top of the page.

How It Works

The Proposal Settings feature will first appear on the Name/Address/Usage page as an orange bar in the top right hand corner.

The accordion settings menu first appears as an orange bar in the top right hand corner.


To expand the Proposal Settings, simply click the bar. Once expanded, it should look something like this:

The accordion menu expands to reveal different options.


The gray labels indicate settings that you can’t access yet and the orange labels represent settings that you can access. The "X" collapses the Proposal Settings accordion and the pushpin will keep it expanded from page to page when selected.

As you move from page to page, the Proposal Settings will expand the label that pertains to that specific step. Also, as shown below, you can interact with the Proposal Settings more and more as the proposal process progresses. At this point, on the Map the System page, if you want to change Current Usage or Utility Rates data values that you have already entered, you can! Simply click on the label to expand its section and make your edits.

Apply edits and add values through the accordion settings menu.


If you are familiar with the Platform, then you will notice that at this step, on Map the System page, the Sloped Roof/Flat Roof/Ground Mount and Total DC Watts options that were once located in the top banner of the page are now located under "Regions" in the Proposal Settings accordion. To access the Square-Up/Snap Azimuth/Apply Setbacks settings, simply click on the arrow next to "Region 1:____ DC Watts" to expand the category.

Menu options include current usage, utility rates, regions, panel layout, shading, production, and proposal details.


Here, you will be able to alter the slope, adjust the area and azimuth, and apply setbacks. "Apply Setbacks" is a new feature on the Platform that allows you to insert setbacks for the panels on all four edges. To do so, select Apply Setbacks and the Setback fields will automatically default to 2ft , which is the minimum value. From there, use the arrows to increase or decrease the number to your desired value.

Similar to the previous step, in the Lay Out Panels stage, you will find that all of the proposal settings that were once located in the top banner are now located in the Proposal Settings accordion.

Just like before, if you make any changes to the Mount Type, Panel Orientation, or Panel Spacing, you need to select "Re-run Layouts" to recalculate the production--the text will turn red alerting you that you need to click re-run layouts.

Text will turn red indicating you need to re-run layouts.


Another great feature of the new accordion is that the Shading values can now be added here, on the Lay Out Panels page, to see the impact on the solar production. Select Shading, then enter either a yearly percentage or monthly percentages. Next, select the Production label to see the adjusted production. At this stage of the proposal process, you can access all the sections of the Proposal Settings accordion.

When you continue onto the Incentives and Financing page, the accordion will appear as a bar like it originally did on the Name/Address/Usage page, unless it is pinned. Again, simply click on the bar to expand the accordion.

Pin the menu by clicking the small pin on the top left hand corner.


On the Preview Proposal page, the Accordion contains all of the same features that were located under the Change button. What used to be under the General tab is now located under the Proposal Details label. The old Production and Shading tab has been broken out to two separate sections. Lastly, the Utility Rates tab is still called Utility Rates.

NOTE: The Regions and Panel Layout labels do not expand on this page. If you select either the Regions or Panel Layout labels you will be taken back to their original pages—simply use the hyperlinks at the top of the page to return to the Preview Proposal page.

On the Preview Proposal page, the accordion menu has the same options as the nav bar menu on top.

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