Since the introduction of the patent-pending panel layout technology last week, we've heard from a lot of you that you were looking for additional ways to modify your PV system size besides deleting panels when on the panel layout page.  As you've all probably heard me say in this blog and on the phone with you, we want to make things as easy as possible for our customers, but also give you the most control possible when you want it.

As system size is the #2 reason to change a proposal (changing your price per watt being the first), we decided to give you a mode where you could skip panel layout and have complete control over the system size and the panel that you use.  So introducing the "Select a Panel" page:

Select a Panel Page

When you're on the map page, as illustrated in this image here:


Select a Panel button

TWO options after you map the system on the roof


You'll notice a new button called "Select a Panel." When you click on this button, you'll go to the new Select a Panel page:


Select a Panel page

Select a Panel page


This page resembles the Lay Out Panels page, but with a key difference - there are no panels inside of the region(s); instead, just the region(s) you previously drew with the panels that you have in the ModSolar Platform at the bottom. What's key about this page is that we've made it super, super simple for you to change the system size - simply by changing the number of panels. The Platform will automatically calculate the DC system size from the number of panels (based on the panel nameplate size) AND make a new call to PVWatts in the background for you - so you'll immediately know exactly how much DC and AC energy you'll have. Then, simply choose which panel you want to include in your proposal.


Select a Panel panels

Select a Panel


When you get past incentives and to proposal review, you'll see the region(s) on the new, larger picture of the property, instead of panels. Of course you can always go back and lay out panels now or at any time in the future, that functionality hasn't changed. In other words, you have a choice: use the new patent-pending panel layout tool, or use the streamlined panel selection tool, WITHOUT individual panel layout.

Some suggested uses

After hearing from some of you it was clear that a lot of times you use the MODsolar Platform to replicate a quote that you may have done at another time, when you may know exactly the system size you want, such that you didn't really need to lay out panels. So it made sense to add that mode in order to make this type of activity easier for you, as we're always trying to do. You may also want to consider using this mode when you need to get a quicker proposal, and don't really need to do a system design.

System size back in the "Change" button

We've put system size back in the Change button - in the same way we're doing it on the new "Select a Panel" page:


Change Panels

New Change button


Now when you want to make a system size change, you'll simply manipulate the number of panels, and the Platform will instantly calculate the DC system size so you can make sure you get it right. Note too that since you can now override the AC kWh produced (coming back from PVWatts), it will actually blank out if you change the system size - since the Platform will make a fresh call to PVWatts.

Thanks again for all the continued feedback. We're always here if you have questions and we love hearing from you, so please don't hesitate if you have something you'd like to discuss!

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