Four million solar installations are expected in 2022, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). The record was one million in 2016. It’s projected to hit two million this 2018. This means there are prospects waiting to be turned into solar-consuming clients out there.

Understandably though, going solar is a long-term monetary decision that is slow to make because it encompasses personal sensibilities, monetary concerns, environmental consciousness, and even political ideologies. But perhaps the greatest challenges in convincing families to go solar are misconceptions and fears.

Our role then is to educate people through ways that are anything but salesy. Here are friendly and fun ways to sell more solar PV panels and to spread the ‘Go Solar for Good’ philosophy around!

Go Educate.

You’ll be shocked at the solar myths that people still seriously believe. There are those who are worried that PV panels won’t work in their snowy or cloudy neighborhood. Others are concerned that it might not be a wise investment especially if they are considering moving to another location in a few years (PV panels actually increase a property’s value)You can offer webinars, organize community gatherings, give out brochures, or employ door-to-door salesmen to address people's’ concerns.

 Offer a Free Quote.

Despite that fact that solar PV panels have decreased in costs by about 70% since 2010, a lot of people are still intimidated by the thought that getting a solar system “costs too much.” Add  President Trump’s new solar tariff to this dilemma and we can expect much ambivalence in potential clients.

Some are fearful of going to a solar installation company and finding out they can’t afford the system. To help them go past this hurdle, offer a free quote! Instead of waiting for clients, reach out to them. Advertise the offer. Show that with the help of federal and state taxes, their out-of-pocket costs could be greatly reduced.

Consider using the MODsolar software proposal platform (free demo and free trial here). It’s easy-to-use interface produces fast and comprehensive results that clients can easily understand!

 Take Advantage of Social Media.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t use a smartphone or a computer? None, most probably. The Internet offers various and numerous ways of finding and converting leads. You can send out emails, create social media accounts, websites, video content, blogs, etc. You sell more solar PV panels by marketing via Facebook, or Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

 Use Flyers, Booklets, Etc.

Don’t be afraid to go old school. While technology and social media are faster and easier methods to get your campaign across, it can’t be denied that physical methods like flyers can still help reach people. Some actually appreciate them more! Hand out brochures. Send your salespersons with material campaigns to give away or lend.

 Host a Solar Open House.

Find a satisfied client whose willing to open the doors of his/her home to host an afternoon barbecue or a brunch gathering with the primary purpose of preaching the benefits of solar PV systems. Get him/her to invite as many friends, relatives, and neighbors as possible in exchange for some deal. In an open house, clients can see the actual product, the actual client, and the actual results. What’s a more trustworthy campaign material than that? Provide snacks, give out brochures and flyers, open a discussion, and reward your host with incentives (cash commision?) for every attendee-turned-client.

 Set Up  Booths at Fairs---Even at the ‘Farmers’ Market’!

Show up at events! Not only will you gain access to leads and meet potential partners, you’ll also be updated with the trends and updates in the solar industry, technologies, and new marketing strategies on how to sell more solar PV panels. It’s an opportunity to learn about your competitors, assess your weaknesses, and gain insights on what to improve.

Someone clever suggested that solar businesses should also set up booths at farmers’ markets (which are getting more and more popular) since solar power is a ‘natural produce.’ Why not? Your booth should stand out in a venue celebrating the gifts of the sun--fruits, vegetables, and solar energy!

 Approach Schools.

There are 5,489 schools across United States with solar installations! That’s 910 megawatts of solar energy.

More schools are going solar to decrease bills and have an alternate source of electricity in case of power outages. Being able to study actual solar installations also help students in their STEM subjects.  

People don’t buy just because they’re sold something. They purchase when they are convinced they’re getting the value and benefit that they want. It’s important to keep in mind that in solar, there’s more than just selling PV panels!       

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