It’s one thing to say what your product can do. It’s another to show  what it actually does and how it works while working. After all, people have long known never to take salespeople at their word. Buyers already assume salesmen will only say good things about their products.

According to this research from the University of Connecticut, technologies are easily adapted once exposed in the neighborhood. They’re calling it the “diffusion of technology.” What if there’s a way that you don’t have to do much selling? What if a satisfied customer not only vouches for you to his neighbors, but also sells it on your behalf?


Here are our insights on why a solar open house could work for you:

  1. Presents Actual Product and Results.

Despite believing in renewable energy,  a lot of people still hesitate to go solar because of their misconceptions and doubts. After all, getting a solar system is a major decision to make. When they  see a real PV panel powering up a home even when it’s cloudy or hold in their very hands the pre-and-post installation electric bills, their fears are soothed. They see hard results.

It’s easier to explain things when clients can visualize what you mean. How easier it would be if they are standing right before the PV panels! Some people have never heard about an inverter, or those who have may be convinced they’re very noisy. Others may be sold that PV panels look unbecoming on the roof, but might change their mind once they see the real thing--and the reduced electric bills!

  1. Fosters Interest. Educates.

There will be those who’ll simply attend a solar open house because they’ve been brought along by a family member. Are they simply fillers? Nope. That’s actually good, because it means they’re new opportunities to get the word around about the benefits of solar energy.

A solar open house is a chance to reach out to people who may never had the chance to learn about solar energy, or to correct the misconceptions people already have. It does not guarantee an immediate client, but it’s sowing the seeds of interest and understanding of solar power.

  1. Establishes Rapport with the Client.

Clients who agree to a solar open house are usually promised a commission. These clients become valuable patrons who’ll most likely refer you to friends, family, and neighbors outside the solar open house events. Regardless of what your arrangement is, this creates a sense of partnership. And who knows? They might expand their system and order more panels in the future!

  1. Potential Clients are Set in a Good Mood.

A solar open house can be a gathering for family, friends, and neighbors! Plus, there’s going to be food, right? In a casual setting where they are surrounded by people they like and trust, clients are most likely to listen and be amenable.

  1. Lots of Leads in One Setting.

Without the hassle of going door-to-door, you can already reach several potential clients in one afternoon. You might only have to deliver one presentation, too, which means you can go all out and give it your best shot.

  1. Creates a Feeling of Community.

Because the owner of the house will tend to invite family and friends, it will make it seem like one big family barbecue party. And when you try to see the bigger picture that the attendees are people who are interested in green energy, it simply means we are part of one big global green community!

There are several reasons why people go solar, and just as many reasons why they are afraid to. Some of the things that hold them back are doubts and misconceptions about the cost-effectiveness of solar panels, and their reliability. Having a solar open house is simply a product demonstration. After all, seeing is believing, right?

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