One of the many advantages of the MODsolar Platform is that it gives you the ability to create different proposals with different parameters. You can quickly change the panel count, use a different cost of electricity, a different price-per-watt . . . and instantly  create a new proposal to see how the change impacts the "bottom line."

One particularly controversial parameter is the Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) value. SREC markets vary from state to state, and from year to year. It's a MOVING TARGET. And because SREC futures are largely speculative, different customers have different attitudes about how much they should be factored in to the cost/ROI analysis of their solar systems.

Previously, to change the SREC value, your administrator had to go to the Settings area and edit the SREC value for the specific state. But today, we've given you the ability to override the SREC value on-the-fly for the current proposal -- it's just another field in the "Change" form that you can bring up on the Preview Proposal screen. So, you can change the SREC value to match your prospect's "faith" in SREC futures. You can even eliminate it entirely (i.e., set it to $0) for the current proposal, to see a "worst case scenario."

Like most improvements we make the to MODsolar Platform, this one came from one of you. We'd like to give a shout-out to Katie Moon, Sales Manager for Pure Logic Clean Energy in Fort Collins, CO for this idea - as it helps her deal with the various FIT programs for her utilities in CO.

We know that the "default" settings don't always apply in every situation; each customer is different, and some customers even want to see multiple proposals with different scenarios. We'll be adding even more flexibility to the Change form in the coming weeks, to make it even easier for you to manage multiple parameter changes, so stay tuned. We want to make hitting a moving target (like SREC prices) as easy as shooting fish in a barrel!

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