What Could Go Wrong in a Solar Open House?

April 2, 2018 Roma Gonzales

Throwing a solar open house could be a fun and great opportunity of meeting new contacts and potential leads. However, with unpreparedness and lack of foresight, some serious risks could jeopardize the success of the event.

Here are some things you should be wary of when you consider holding a solar open house.


This is a solar open house, not an open house. There is a huge difference.

Unless the homeowner is also selling his property, our product here is only the solar PV panel system. What the attendees only need to see are the system itself, the reduced electric bills, and your presentation.

What to do:

-Have the host remove his personal items. If possible, keep the family photo albums and any religious things hidden. Drawers and cabinets must not contain valuables.

-Limit the parts of the house the attendees can access. They don’t have any business with the house itself anyway!  They don’t even have to go in. The garden will do as a venue if you can provide seats!

Being Easily Forgotten.

All this effort will fail if the attendees won’t remember you in a day or two. Don’t assume they will contact you! Make the move!  According to SmartPower from its research in Oregon and Arizona,  it could take one to two years before a homeowner decides whether to get a solar PV panel system or not. Help them make up their minds much faster and remind them from time to time of your existence by sending useful solar news or tips by email. Offer occasional promos.

Not Setting Clear Boundaries with the Host.

In most cases, a homeowner who agrees to a solar open house gets a commission for every client the installer makes from the activity. Make it clear how much he’ll get and when (As soon as a proposal is made? Or when the actual installation happens?) As much as possible, have a written and signed agreement.

Communicate your expectations as clearly as possible. Can the guests use the host’s toilet? How many attendees are you targeting?

Zero Attendance.     

What a waste of opportunities if no one came to your event! The wasted time and resources–how dreadful! Prevent this by planning ahead of time–possibly even months. List everything you need! Send out invitations early and secure confirmations (RSVP)!

With enough preparation, charisma, hard work, and a bit of luck, conducting a solar open house can be a powerful edge against your competitors which do most of their campaign online. For something as technical and complicated as solar PV panel installations, face-to-face interactions would immediately enlighten misunderstandings and doubts about solar power.

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