Two practical improvements to the ModSolar Platform

February 27, 2014 MODsolar Admin

We have made two enhancements to make your life a bit easier and more efficient:

Created pre-defined “adders” for the financial page.  You may have various extra charges, or “adders” that need to be spelled out in your proposals. One of these, “Cost of Permits”, shows up as an option under Adders automatically. Until now, if you needed other such adders, you had to type them in for each proposal. Now, adders that you use regularly can be added to your system so that they are available for every proposal. Once these adders are set up, they will appear below “Cost of Permits” on the Incentives and Financing page. If you check the checkbox next to one or more of them, they will be added to the proposal. You can specify a default dollar value that should appear for each one. The default can be overridden for a given proposal. We will be happy to set these up for you—just let us know what you need.

Here is an example of what your list of adders might look like:

PerDefined Adders IF page

And here is how they would appear in the resulting proposal:


PerDefined Adders Proposal page



 “Select a Panel” can be disabled. When you are working on a proposal and you have drawn the region where panels will go on the Map the System page, but you haven’t yet moved to the Lay Out Panels page, you will notice that there are two buttons available at the bottom of the page: Select a Panel and Lay Out Panels. They look like this:


Most ModSolar users select Lay Out Panels most of the time. But if you click on Select a Panel, you can create a proposal without ever going through the layout step. (You just choose one of the panel models at the bottom of the page and specify how many panels should be used.) Since very few ModSolar users actually choose this option, we have made it possible to suppress it entirely. Just let us know that you would like us to disable that option, and the Select a Panel button will not even appear. 

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