We implemented a small update to the incentive scripts today, to reflect the existence of two prevalent local utility incentive programs in the counties in Delaware that are helpful for those doing business in Delaware.  Specifically:

DelMarva Power Grant

  • $1.25/W for the first 5 kW of capacity (0-5 kW),
  • $0.75/W for the next 5 kW (5-10 kW), and
  • $0.35/W for the next 40 kW (10-50 kW).
  • The maximum incentive is $15,000 for residential projects and $24,000 for non-residential PV systems

DEC Program

  • $1.25/W for the first 5 kW of capacity (0-5 kW)
  • $0.75/W for the next 5 kW (5-10 kW)
  • $0.35/W for the next 90 kW (10-100 kW)
  • up to $10,000 for residential systems and $20,000 for non-residential systems

When you're in proposal generation flow, and you get the usage screen (where you'll enter electricity usage) you'll now see the following Delaware Rebate Option selection:

New Delaware Rebate Option

New Delaware Rebate Option

By selecting either the DelMarVa Power Grant or the DEC Grant option, after you draw the system and generate the proposal, you'll see the corresponding incentive calculated and in the top left cost table of the first page of the proposal.  This option only exists if the system you're creating is for the state of DE.

Of course, we're always here if you have any questions or need help with this or any other feature!

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