Upgrades: faster display, easier searching, more accurate utility cost and savings calculations

September 5, 2014 MODsolar Admin

We have upgraded several features of the ModSolar platform to provide improved ease of use and more accurate proposals.

My Leads: faster and better

We think the changes to the My Leads page will greatly enhance the usability of the platform. One important change is a “universal search” capability that will find any text, regardless of which field it is in. For example, a search for “Johnson” will find all proposals involving either a person or a town named “Johnson”.

A second change enhances the display speed. The My Leads list is now displayed in “pages” of leads (10 leads per page is the default, but you can change that to 25, 50, 100 or all of them, if you prefer). This change results in much faster display. You can use the Next and Previous buttons to go from page to page, or click on the page number to move to one of the next four pages, or the last page.

These changes, when added to the existing capabilities for filtering, sorting, and adding/removing columns, make the My Leads page a powerful tool for organizing the proposals you are working on.

 my leads upgrades 9-5-14


Getting accurate utility taxes through crowd-sourcing—an industry first

We have also added a new utility-tax feature that will help make proposals more accurate. Many states have utility taxes that may or may not be the same percentage as the state sales tax. Unfortunately, there is no national database of these taxes.

To deal with this, we have added a new field for the utility tax on the initial page where address and energy data is entered. It can also be accessed later, using the Utility Rates section of the “accordion”. If we know what the applicable tax rate is, the field will be pre-populated. If we don’t, the field will be empty and the user can fill it in. The user can always overwrite the value that is shown, if it is known to be wrong or inappropriate for the current proposal. If there is no utility tax, the field can be left blank.

When a user replaces the displayed (or blank) tax percentage, ModSolar is notified. The newly-entered value will be used for that user’s proposal, but it won’t be immediately changed in the database.  ModSolar will note the changed value and will contact the tax authority to find out if the value in the database needs to be updated. In this way, the platform values will be kept up to date using “crowdsourcing” by our user base.

 utility taxes 9-5-14


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