Ok, we all know that every company is blogging these days.  If you go to a company's site and they don't have "blog" in their main navigation - the question becomes - "wait a minute, don't you have enough to say that you'd want to make it public???".  I shied away from this for the first half a year of MODsolar's existence, but recently an advisor said to me "Mike, MODsolar is seeing enough in the sales and marketing end of Solar - why don't you start sharing that?"

At first my response was - "Hey, I'm out there serving our customers, why do I need to share all of that?"  It's an important question for any company.  After doing some research and talking with a few folks who maintain blogs, I realized that today blogging was a combination of news items, reporting, and yes, some thoughts from the authors themselves.

But we're all busy.  Running our companies, working on growing them, and then trying to have some time left over to spend with our families.  So why then add to the cacauphony of blogs out there?  The answer really is that a blog, if done correctly, can be a valuable insight and new tool on any company.  So, I'm succombing to the pressure and giving it a shot.  It's an experiment - if it fails or doesn't make any sense, then I'll stop.  But what I can promise, is that I'll only post content relevant to our customers and other interested parties:

  • News about MODsolar's products, people, and customers
  • Thoughts or other data we have on where the renewable energy marketing is going, in our own niche as a sales & marketing platform
  • Action that we all need to be aware of as members of the renewable energy industry

So that's it - clean, simple, and effective - just like our product design!! ;)  Oh, and by the way - our commenting platform will be open - no editing here - we're all in this together, so far be it from me to judge what others are saying.  Here's to happy blogging!

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