September 28, 2018 MODsolar Support

How to Add a Financing Program

1. Log in as an Installer Administrator.
2. Go to Settings.
3. Go to Financing.
4. Select the Plus sign to add a financing program.

5. In the next page, you will have three options to choose from, namely: Lease, Loan, and Power Purchase (PPA). Select the desired option by clicking “Select this one”.

Complete all the information:

i. Name the financing program

ii. Choose the availability date

iii. Complete the characteristics that the PV system should fulfill in order to qualify for this loan.

iv. System size (Ex. Between 1 kW and 10,000 kW)

v. Total amount financed (Ex. $1,000 to $10,000)

vi. Click on the types of Leads that could qualify for this loan (Residential /Commercial /Municipal).

vii. Choose the states in which you want this loan to be available.

viii. After completing all the information, select Next.

In the next page, you will see the previously established basic terms and you can establish new ones.

Example: From 1 to 20 years

Any money down – an optional field and can also be completed in the Determine Cost & Financing page if needed. (This field will be completed if the Homeowner has any money down).

Any balloon – an optional field that can be completed in the Determine Cost & Financing page if needed.

Interest rate – this has to be a positive value and can be changed when the loan is funded.

In the next page, you can set any custom parameters that you need. If you don’t have any to set at this point, you can review the terms set so far and either return to edit them using the Back button or move on and save the financing program using the Next button.

If at this point, you want to make some changes, click on the Back button and this will take you to the previous pages that you have completed. If you have finished completing every necessary information, click Next.

To edit a program, you can choose Edit This Program from the Financing tab.