Installer Tags

Installer Name – {$installer.client.name}
Installer Street Address – {$installer.client.addressLine1}
Installer City – {$installer.client.city}
Installer State – {$installer.client.state}
Installer Zip – {$installer.client.zipCode}
Installer Phone – {$installer.client.phone}
Installer Email – {$installer.client.email}
Installer Website – {$installer.client.webAddress}

Lead Tags

Business Name – {$lead.businessName}
Contact First – {$lead.firstName}
Contact Last – {$lead.lastName}
Lead Street Address – {$lead.address}
Lead City – {$lead.city}
Lead State – {$lead.state}
Lead Zip – {$lead.zipCode}
Lead Phone – {$lead.phone}
Lead Email – {$lead.email}

System Details

Yearly Usage kWh – {$proposal.yearlyUsage} KWh
System Size DC kW – {$proposal.systemSizeKW} kW
System Lifetime – {$proposal.systemLifetime} years
Module Manufacturer – {$proposal.panelManufacturer}
Module Size (DC rating) – {$proposal.panelSize}
Number of Modules – {$proposal.panelCount}
% of Annual Usage Replaced by Solar – {$proposalData.percentReplacedBySolar} %
Year 1 solar production (AC kWh) – {$proposalData.totalProduction} kWh
Year 1 solar production (AC kWh) with shading – {$proposalData.totalAdjustedProduction} kWh
Average Yearly Electric Bill Pre-Solar – ${$proposalData.yearlyBillPreSolar}
Year One Estimated Production – {$proposalData.totalProduction} kWh
Year One Estimated Electric Savings – ${$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].yearlySavings}

Cost and Finance Tags

Gross System Cost – ${$proposalData.costOfMaterials}
Net Out of Pocket Cost (after Incentives) – ${$proposalData.outOfPocketCosts}
Term of Solar Loan/Lease/PPA – {$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].term}
Monthly Solar Loan/Lease/PPA Payment – {$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].monthlyPayment}
Solar Loan/Lease/PPA Down Payment – {$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].downPayment}
Solar Loan/Lease/PPA Interest Rate – {$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].interestRate}
PPA Rate – {$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].ppaRate}
PPA Escalator – {$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].ppaEscalator}

Additional Tags

Date – {$calcMap.currentDate}
Inverter Manufacturer – {$proposal.inverterManufacturer}
Inverter Model – {$proposal.inverterModel}
Inverter Count – {$proposal.inverterCount}
Total Cost (before incentives plus adders and less discounts) –  {$proposalData.netSystemCost}
Panel Manufacturer + Model – {$proposal.panelDisplayName}
Federal Tax Credit – ${$federalIncentives[0].value|number|number_format:2}

Tags Involving Calculations

Cost of Materials & Labor minus FTC – ${($proposalData.costOfMaterials|number-$federalIncentives[0].value|number)|number_format:2}

Cost of Materials & Labor deducted by a Number, Multiplied to a Percentage – ${(($proposalData.costOfMaterials-1000)*(3/10))|number_format:2}

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