Creating a new lead

1. In the My Leads page, select the New Lead button.

Go to My Leads


2. In the Enter Name/Address/Usage page, select the lead type (Residential/Commercial/Municipal).

Choose Lead Type


3. Enter in the customer’s information such as the name, address and contact details. The final proposal will be sent to the email address provided during this step.

Fill in Homeowner's Address


4. After entering in the zip code, a list of utility rates provided by Genability* will show up in the drop down list. Select the utility rate that corresponds to your customer's electric bill. If the rate is not available in the list, you can contact us in Support so we can work on adding it for you or you can simply enter in a manual rate.

*Genability is a service that maintains full rate details for 3000+ utilities in the U.S.

Utility Rates Dropdown Menu


5. Enter the current usage information. You can enter the Total Yearly kWh, the Monthly kWh amounts or the Average Monthly Electric Bill.

Fill in Monthly Amounts


You can also define the Future Electricity Usage if the homeowner decides to install other energy-saving measures.

Future Electricity Usage


6. Select the roof type. If you are not sure of your customer’s roof type, you can select Other.

Select Roof Type

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