September 28, 2018 MODsolar Support

Produce a contract automatically based on the template that you can create. The details about the customer and the system can be automatically filled in using the information you already entered as part of the proposal.

Creating and Editing Contract Templates

Before you add a new template, you must create and save the Word document, including the embedded tags that you need.

All contract template creation and editing are done in Microsoft Word. The only special aspect of the document is the placeholder “tags” that must appear anywhere a value from the Platform is to be inserted.

For example, if you include the string “{$lead.address}” (without the quotes) in your template, the Platform will place the installation street address at that point in the document.

If the system is to be installed at 2 East Lancaster Avenue, then this is how the template and the resulting contract will look.

 If this text appears in the contract template:  …residing at {$lead.address}…
 The text of the contract will look like this:  …residing at 2 East Lancaster Avenue…

Different system variables can be used to customize your contract for each lead. Variables include name and address information, information about the solar system, and financial information. There is a list of the most common tags at the end of this document.

To upload your new template, select Contract Templates from the Settings directory. You will see a series of panels, one for each existing template you have access to. Each panel has fields for the template name and the lead types, states, and finance programs to which it applies.

To add a new one, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the large “plus” sign next to “Add a New Template”. This will open a new template panel.

Fill in the checkboxes for lead type (depending on whether the contract will be used for Residential, Commercial, or Municipal proposals, or some combination).

Then select the state for which it is applicable. Finally, select the applicable finance programs.

These selections allow the ModSolar Platform to determine which contract template to use for a given proposal that you create.

You must select at least one financing option for each state. To remove a state, delete all of its current financing options by clicking on each one while holding down the Ctrl key.

Click the Save button to save the template, and then click the Upload Contract Template button to upload your Word document.

Once the template is uploaded and saved, you can check to see if the variable tags are all valid by clicking “Test Contract”. If you have tags that are spelled incorrectly, you will get an error message.

To fix invalid tags (or to make any other change to the template) you will need to edit your Word document and upload it again.

If you click the “See Contract” button, the template will be downloaded to your computer in MS Word (.docx) format.

If you need a new template that is very similar to one that is already loaded on the Platform, you can download and modify the existing template, then upload and save the new version.

Creating contracts for your proposals

To generate a contract, you must first complete the associated proposal. Once the proposal is complete (that is, you have either downloaded or emailed it), the Generate Contract button at the right side of the bottom of the screen becomes available.

The Generate Contract button launches a simple workflow. (This workflow feature will support more complex tasks in the future.) A thumbnail image showing the workflow appears at the upper left.

You can click on the workflow thumbnail, and if you do you can see the detailed diagram of the workflow you are using:

Whether or not you click to view the workflow, the Platform will generate a contract based on your proposal.

Once the contract is displayed, you can review it and then select either the Accept button or the Discard button.

If you accept the contract, it is added to the MyDeals tab of your home page. (The MyDeals tab is created the first time you create a contract.) From there, you can print it out or email it to the customer.

Creating Contracts from Existing Templates

When you create a contract from a template, the Platform will only permit you to make use of templates that are a match for the proposal’s characteristics.

That is, if the proposal is for a residential system, only residential templates can be used; templates designed for commercial and municipal projects are not available.

If the proposal is for cash, only cash templates can be used; templates designed for leases or PPAs are not available.

Similarly, templates can be specific to one or more states.

These restrictions on template usage are specified when a new template is created.

Commonly Used Tags

Here are the tags to use for some common variables used in proposals that you may want to incorporate into your contracts:

Installer Tags

Installer Name {$}
Installer Street Address {$installer.client.addressLine1}
Installer City {$}
Installer State {$installer.client.state}
Installer Zip {$installer.client.zipCode}
Installer Phone {$}
Installer Email {$}
Installer Website {$installer.client.webAddress}

Lead Tags

Business Name {$lead.businessName}
Contact First {$lead.firstName}
Contact Last {$lead.lastName}
Lead Street Address {$lead.address}
Lead City {$}
Lead State {$lead.state}
Lead Zip {$lead.zipCode}
Lead Phone {$}
Lead Email {$}

Tags for System Details

Yearly Usage kWh {$proposal.yearlyUsage} KWh
System Size DC kW {$proposal.systemSizeKW} kW
System Lifetime {$proposal.systemLifetime} years
Module Manufacturer {$proposal.panelManufacturer}
Module Size (DC rating) {$proposal.panelSize} DC
Number of Modules {$proposal.panelCount}
% of Annual Usage Replaced by Solar {$proposalData.percentReplacedBySolar} %
Year 1 solar production (AC kWh) {$proposalData.totalProduction} kWh
Year 1 solar production (AC kWh) with shading {$proposalData.totalAdjustedProduction} kWh
Average Yearly Electric Bill Pre-Solar ${$proposalData.yearlyBillPreSolar}
Year One Estimated Production {$proposalData.totalProduction} kWh
Year One Estimated Electric Savings ${$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].yearlySavings}

Cost and Finance Tags

Gross System Cost ${$proposalData.costOfMaterials}
Net Out of Pocket Cost (after Incentives) ${$proposalData.outOfPocketCosts}
Term of Solar Loan/Lease/PPA {$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].term}
Monthly Solar Loan/Lease/PPA Payment {$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].monthlyPayment}
Solar Loan/Lease/PPA Down Payment {$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].downPayment}
Solar Loan/Lease/PPA Interest Rate {$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].interestRate}
PPA Rate {$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].ppaRate}
PPA Escalator {$proposalData.financingDetailsList[0].ppaEscalator}