September 28, 2018 MODsolar Support

When creating multiple proposals for the same prospect, you might find that you’re accumulating multiple proposals per lead.

For example, you might want to generate different proposals to illustrate the use of a different panel or a different system size / layout, or a different payment method (cash vs. financing).

All of the proposals are named automatically based on the mount type (sloped roof / flat roof / ground mount) and the system size in DC kW.

You can name your proposals using any descriptive text you choose. To do this, perform the following steps:

Naming in Proposal Page

1. Click on the Lead.

2. Hover over the proposal.

3. Select Rename.

4. Click outside the text box to save the changes.

Naming in the Proposal Itself

When creating or editing a proposal, you can name the proposal in any of these pages: Draw Areas, Design System, Determine Cost/Financing and Preview.

Check the image below to locate where to name the proposal: