October 23, 2017 MODsolar Support

You can personalize your proposal templates to match your preferred design. You can add images, resize or rearrange the components or change the labels in the components. The components that you can use in a template may be finance-option-specific or not. For example, the Aerial Image component is the same when used in a Cash or Loan proposal but the Cost Breakdown component has different versions – one for each financing option so the correct component should be used or it will appear blank in the proposal. We have built-in templates for each financing option: Cash, Loan, Lease, and PPA. These built-in templates cannot be edited but you can copy them and make changes. Only administrators can view and modify these templates.

Personalizing a Copied Template

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to Proposal Templates.

3. Select the built-in components that you wish to copy. (Ex. If you want the new template to be used for Cash proposals, copy the “ModSolar] Standard Cash Proposal”.)

Select the components for the template you want.

4. Once copied, you can rename the new template to give it a better identity. It is recommended to include the finance option it should be used for in the name of the proposal template.

Rename your proposal template.

5. You can drag and drop components in a page to rearrange them. To transfer the component to another page, drag and drop it to the page number located on the left side of the screen.

Drag and drop components to page and rearrange them.

6. To delete a component, click and drag the component out of the workspace.

Delete a component

7. To edit a component, click the pencil icon. Editing a component allows you to change its properties (Ex. width on the page, alignment, label, and show or hide items if applicable).

Edit a component to change its properties.

8. To add a new component, click an item from the Component Library located at the right side of the screen. It will be added to the top of the page. You can drag it to your preferred position on the page afterward.

Add a new component from the built-in library.

Building a New Template

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to Proposal Templates.

3. Select the Build new template button.

Build New

4. The new template is built from scratch so you need to set up the page margins, orientation and number of columns for each page. You can also set the default values in all pages by going to Template Layout Defaults.

Template Layout Defaults

5. You can add components from the Component Library and rearrange them as shown in the previous part of this article.

6. To add a new page, click on the Add a Page icon located at the left side of the screen.

Add a Page

Note: Not all components will fit on a page in the actual proposal even they appear fit when editing the template. A component may expand its length depending on the information it will display and it will push the other components to the next pages in the actual proposal.

Setting a Default Template

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to Proposal Templates.

3. Locate the template you want to set as default and click on Set defaults. When setting a default template, it is still important to consider the finance option it will be used for. (Ex. A template with Loan components should be the default of Loan proposal.)

Default Template

Default Pop Up

4. To make a template state-specific, click Set states.

Set states

Set States Pop Up