September 28, 2018 MODsolar Support

A topic that we often get questions about is regarding our Incentive Calculations. So, here’s a quick review of the options for this area of the Platform. Your System Administrator can apply these changes for you if you do not have admin access to the Platform.

Where can I find the Incentive Calculations?

Go to the Settings page and then click on Incentive Calculations in the left-hand navigation column.

Here you will see a library of solar incentive calculations grouped by state. Simply click the “+” sign next to the state to expand the list of incentives. For this example, we are going to use the NY incentives.

How do I make an incentive appear on my proposals?

With the list expanded, check the box next to its name. Note that the selected solar incentives will only appear on the proposal if they are applicable to the Proposal property type. For example, residential incentives will appear on residential property type proposals but not on commercial property type proposals.

Can I re-order how the incentives are deducted from the total cost of the system?

Yes, you do this by first grouping incentives using the “Adjusted Total” function. To access the Adjusted Total function, click the icon Adjusted Total Icon to the right of the state abbreviation to open the calculation sequence window. Simply click, drag and drop the Adjusted Total separator to the desired spot, creating different groupings of solar incentives. All incentives within the same group will be applied to the same total cost — thus, the order of incentives within a group does not matter. You only need to be concerned with the calculation sequence if you have multiple groups. To move an incentive to a different group, simply click, drag and drop.

In the example below, you can see that we have created two different groups, but note that you can insert multiple Adjusted Total separators creating multiple groups. All incentives above an Adjusted Total separator will be applied to the total system cost, resulting in a new adjusted total system cost. Next, it will apply all incentives below the line to the new adjusted total system cost.

In many situations, there are federal, state, or local regulations that require you to apply an incentive after other incentives have been deducted from the cost. This would be an opportunity to quickly create groups, using the “Put Federal Last” and “Put Regional First” functions to automatically insert an Adjusted Total.

Deleting Custom Incentives:

Custom incentives will have a trashcan trash can icon placed next to them in the Incentive Calculations window. To delete a custom incentive, click the trashcan and then select “delete”.

Viewing State Incentives:

To select the states that you would like to appear in your Incentive Calculations window, go to the “Your States + SRECs” page located in the left-hand navigation in your Settings area. Simply click “Add a State” at the bottom of the list. Select a state from the drop-down list and enter the information required.

Labeling Incentives:

To change the label of an incentive, go to the Incentives Calculations page. Click on the solar incentive you would like to change. In the “Label on proposal” section, enter the new label you would like to be displayed on your proposals. Next, click “Submit” in the bottom right-hand corner and select “Ok” in the “Incentive Saved” window.